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Welcome to our services page, please take a look below at everything we currently offer and let us know if you have any questions. 

Supportive Friend

Individual Therapy

Therapy is place to create transparency in the therapist and client relationship aimed at reflecting on how to thrive despite adversity. You and I can work together to better understand your specific strengths, needs and goals.


I will provide an open, honest, supportive and genuine therapeutic environment that will assist you to learn, grow, and succeed.  

Outpatient Treatment

While we absolutely enjoy being able to see our clients face to face we have currently ceased in-person outpatient therapy until further notice. Please contact us for virtual inquiries.

Group Discussion

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an amazing tool that allows individuals who are dealing with similar concerns to collaborate together to better understand themselves and their circumstances. We are currently offering women's groups that address stress and anxiety. Women will gain insight as to how to adjust to daily life challenges.

Through a virtual platform. 

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