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Kamilah Cross LCSW

Kamilah Cross is a licensed clinical social worker, who is currently a therapist in the South Florida area. Kamilah received her Master's in Social Work, as well as a certification in Anger Management. She has been providing educational and therapeutic services for over 15 years, specializing in: anxiety, depression, self esteem building, women's issues and anger management. Her versatility involves providing counseling and educating to children and adults suffering from mental illness, substance abuse, and trauma.


Kamilah is the owner and CEO of Your Worth LLC. She is a sought-after speaker with invitations to speak at major universities and community events centered around women’s issues. She is the co-host of the Listeners' Choice podcast, The Jessie Walker Show.She is a newly published author of the women's journal Your Worth is Priceless.


Kamilah’s goal is to empower and educate through one amazing person at a time. Throughout her many accomplishments, she is also a proud mother, significant other, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, mentor, along with many other important roles.


The experiences she has gained in her career and personal life has prepared her to understand that we are all here for and with a purpose. Change starts with us. Your worth and our collective worth is priceless.

Our Approach

Our clinical work with adults interest include anxiety, depression, self esteem building, building self worth, stress management, anger management, woman's issues.

Philosophy of Recovery

Self love is some of the best love. Never feel bad for making yourself a priority. 

Commitment to Clients

Your Worth is commited to assisting clients in reaching their fulll potential one session a a time. 

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